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  • Attendance Matters

    Published 28/04/24

    Attendance for the academic year 2023-24:

    [Correct at 28/04/2024]

    Class 1 - 95.4%

    Class 2 - 95.7%

    Class 3 - 96.3%

    Class 4 - 97.5%

    Whole school - 96.1%


    Current national average for primary: 94.0%

     (22nd May 2023) 


    We appreciate how hard parents and carers work to make sure their children attend school as much as possible.  Thank you for your continued help with this.

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  • INSET DAYS 2024-25

    Published 06/03/24

    We have set our INSET days for 2024 to 2025.  School will be CLOSED to pupils on the following days.  We thought it might be useful to share these early so you can make the necessary plans.  

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  • Sports Hall Athletics

    Published 10/11/23

    Our Year 5 and 6 athletics team were recently busy competing in the district sports hall athletics competition for small schools.  

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  • Matilda - The Bolsover School

    Published 10/11/23

    Our Year 6 pupils were recently invited to The Bolsover School to watch their performance of Matilda the Musical.  We were blown away by the quality of their performance and many pupils were left inspired.  Hopefully, some of our pupils might be the stars of future performances!

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